Companies that can have shifted to telework policies to keep their employees and employees’ families safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. The trend has sparked a new culture of online meetings via video-call.

Information Retention

In the information age, many of us have experienced a reduction in attention span, and conducting meetings online from a home office (or kitchen) makes concentration even more difficult.

One way companies can help their employees capture and retain important ideas developed during online meetings is through the use of automated meeting transcription both in real time and after the fact. There are some companies out there that provide said service for free up to a certain length of time, but with public servers and limitations, they may not be a good solution for all industries.

Secure Automated Transcription

While free or low-cost online solutions may work for public relations or entertainment firms, there are a lot of industries that can’t use those tools due to information sensitivity.

Legal organizations, data security firms, financial institutions and wealth management organizations need meetings transcribed, but in a secure fashion. Whereas before, sensitive meetings were normally held on-site, these organizations need a solution to maintain control of their communication data from off-site. Locally hosted AI powered transcription software provides a solution for industry to record sensitive information securely.

In data-sensitive industries, inputting information into the requisite legal systems has been subject to human error and is time-consuming, requiring hours of typing or writing. Meanwhile, firms are also under pressure to keep costs low in an effort to maintain efficiency for their clients and retain their business. These challenges have only grown as a result of the pandemic, which has forced employees to work remotely, requiring them to keep careful, accurate documentation without their usual tools and workspace.

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